About Club

Baltic Gym

Your new gym in the middle of Tricity, in the heart of Sopot on the Monte Cassino street
Baltic Gym Sopot is a club with a friendly and intimate atmosphere. Modern equipment, professional coaching staff and a wide range of fitness classes motivate you to discover your new yourself

Isolated plate area

This is where you can work on a specific muscle or muscle group on dedicated equipment. The room is equipped with excellent VERSA equipment, which can be demanded by even the most demanding club members. Biomechanics at the highest level, simplicity of use and high functionality. Thanks to these unique machines, we have created a friendly and highly motivating exercise space. With this insulated movement, you will also take care of your posture in correcting the posture defects by supporting the possibility of raising the muscle tone – we can measure the effort we put into the exercise.
It is worth noting that our equipment contains instructions for correct use and a counter, measuring the number of repetitions and the time interval between them, so the only thing you have to focus on is the correctness of the exercise.

Free weight area

This is the place for the most demanding and experienced in training guests. Here, unlike machine training, there are no traffic restrictions. Free weight training is an intensive exercise for those who want to take great care in developing their muscles. Suitably larger space makes effort with dumbbells, bars or lifts bring the effect. In addition to the aforementioned instruments, there are also simple and sloping benches, a gate, a ramp, kettles, bags, belts, tapes. The free rack space is also equipped with a power rack. This is a multifunctional position where we train all muscle groups. The security system adjustable at all altitudes will allow us to adjust the weight to the exercise. We will also find extra rods for back and triceps muscles as well as olympic plates and power band handles.

Fitness studio

Modern, large, air-conditioned exercise room. At the same time can practice here even dozens of people. The floor provides excellent cushioning, and the room is equipped with the latest equipment of the highest quality. We care that every hour spent with us flows in an unusual atmosphere. The property is also equipped with numerous attractions and facilities. All this allowed us to create the best aerobics & spinning studio. Professional staff and a wide variety of activities will ensure comfort and joy of exercise for even the most demanding guests.

Functional area

Multifunctional training cage, possibility to carry out functional training in a group of up to 12 people. Equipped with:

Adjustable swing arm for swing pumps
Adjustable tilting bar
Rotary joint
Handles on barbell
Training line
Transverse ladder
Boom with boxing bag